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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's come together and share research or information that we have found.

The research I wanted to share is as follows:
  1. Credits (CS) - Scalable platform for DApps with speeds > 1.3 Million TPS. Partnership with Lenovo, Leeway Hertz, Cloud28 and many more. MarketCap = 16 million
  2. SophiaTX (SPHTX) - Enterprise Applications for companies to easily implement blockchain technology. Founder created Decent and is part of the Venaco Group. Partnership with Ernest & Young, Riyadh, Hyperledger, Cheng & Co and more. MarketCap = 6.9 million
  3. Devery (EVE) - Product verification and counterfeit protection using blockchain. Launched from blockchain accelerator. JD has more than 266 million active customers and 160,000 merchants. MarketCap = 800k
  4. Genesis Vision Token (GVT) – Distributed asset management with fund managers trading in Crypto, Forex and Stocks. Partnerships with LMAX, RoboForex, OkEx, Larson & Holtz and Tools 4 Brokers. MarketCap = 23 million
  5. Sharder (SS) – BlockChain based storage provider similar to SIACoin. Partnership with ZBJ Network, BornSoft, Yingke Law Firm (largest law firm in Asia-Pacific region) and ChinaSoft International. Over 224 businesses use the Bean Cloud including The Supreme People’s Court of China. MarktetCap = 2.2 million
  6. VectorSpaceAI (VXV) –Smart Basket ETFs which utilize hidden relationships in global trends, topics, concepts, and headlines. This is achieved through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence. The team holds numerous patents, contributes to Google’s AI efforts and has been used by over 300 enterprise customers including machine learning companies, hedge funds, asset management companies, and data vendors. Partnerships with, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Google. MarketCap = 420k

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Free Pivot Points Forex Training Webinar Simple Forex Trading Strategy that WORKS! Trendline Break Setup LabTrend (laboratory analyzer for glucose or lactate measurements) Currency Strength Matrix - How to identify trend and currency strength. FOREX LAB - YouTube MT5 indicator - Trend monitor indicator for MT5

Forex Wiki Trading - Daily Forex Tools For Free. Login. Best Forex Brokers; ForexWiki CashBack; Wiki Trading Systems. Binary Options; Ea Robot; Forex Indicators; Contact Us; VIP Membership; Home / Archives / TrendLaboratory Ltd. TrendLaboratory Ltd. / 1 posts found. JMASlope_MTF – Multi-Frame Indicator. October 9, 2013 @ 8:58 pm. by PhD, Hamdi BK . in FX Ind. Leave a comment. Name: JMASlope ... Welcome to the Trace and Environmental DNA (TrEnD) laboratory website. The lab is located in the School of Molecular and Life Science at Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia). The purpose of this website is to promote the research that the lab undertakes and to provide information about our research program to the public, collaborators and prospective students. Trend laboratory mt4 indicators. Right click on lab mq4. Search custom indicators in your navigator mostly left in your metatrader client. Blog with a large collection of metatrader 4 indicators forex strategies metarader 4 and expert advisor mt4 for to improve the forex trading. In best mt4 indicators 2018 indicator latest update version give you best pips target for short term or long term ... In the Forex market, trend indicators work in both bearish and bullish markets as traders can benefit from both types of markets. Quite naturally there are many trend indicators that have been used extensively by traders around the world. It should be noted that these strategies using trend indicators only work in markets with trends. 1 Bollinger Bands: The Bollinger bands indicator is ... Download Forex Lab Trend; Copy mq4 and ex4 files to your Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators / Copy tpl file (Template) to your Metatrader Directory / templates / Start or restart your Metatrader Client; Select Chart and Timeframe where you want to test your forex indicator; Load indicator on your chart ; How to uninstall Forex Lab Trend Indicator? To shut down an ... It will give nice trend catch. So just u need to be ready for collecting pips from trend movement. We just need one indicator and it will make our life easy. NonLagDot (20) is only what we need. Let start: what we need we wait until the indicator change color from red to blue or vice versa, after that we wait first retracement to enter the market with pending order of the break of the ... LabTrend is Forex TSD system because the indicators have origin in our forum. Being a complete trading system it could be traded alone or with the help of some extra indicators. In the following post we discuss how to implement LabTrend, what every indicator do, and how to trade with Labtrend. LabTrend is a trend follower system because it's based on the philosophy of ASCTrend. This philosophy ...

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Free Pivot Points Forex Training Webinar

If you really like my videos and find them helpful you are welcome to support my effort - Forex trading for beginners, p... The trends indicator works for all the markets on the multi asset MT5 platform and for commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and of course forex. Loading... An introduction to our Currency Strength Matrix indicator, available on MT4. Understanding relative strength is very important when trading in the FX market. Our indicator shows you every market ... forex trading,Israel,Ireland,trading forex,forex trade,forex software,forex system trading,fx trading,currency trading,forex market,forex signals,forex robot... #forex #forexlifestyle #forextrader Want to join my VIP group? Get my signals, education, and live chat! Link to join: // SOCIAL FR... The LABTREND is a flexible laboratory analyzer for either glucose or lactate and for laboratories of any scale. This analyzer works with interchangeable sample racks, meaning from one up to ... In this FREE Traders Laboratory Forex Training Webinar you'll learn great techniques to use in your forex trading including spec...